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Some players like to place a 10-teamer every football weekend, it’s like a lottery ticket. At 650+ to 1 throwing $2 to win $1300 or more can be fun, but it is not an investment strategy or a path to long-term winning. Parlay betting, where two or more bets are put into a combination that must all win for the wager to win, has traditionally been one of the biggest moneymakers for sportsbooks.

Bettor Turns $20 Into $47k On Football Parlay

Parlays are can be solid bets if used effectively, even though the books do have the players beat on the odds, Matched Betting Spreadsheet the vast majority of the time. However, there are situations where bettors can possibly have the upper hand. If we risked $100 at +600 , and our bet won we would win exactly 595.79, which we can round up to 596. Though our wager is +600, we still have to pay juice on each of three bets, which accounts for the bookmaker’s commission. All wagers must win for the bet to be graded as a winner, and if any of the three wagers lose, the bet is a loss. In gambling, to parlay a bet means to “let it ride”—to wager the original amount and any winnings on a subsequent bet.

Top Sportsbooks In Your State

As soon as I hit submit on this new valid round robin, it goes through. I then look at my open wagers and there are an additional 3 identical Round Robin’s placed back-to-back-to-back from what their system told me were failed attempts. They basically tell me to take a hike, because they never refund or void bets once they’ve been made under any circumstances. Thank god I stopped trying to submit this wager after the 3rd attempt or I could have blown up my whole account because their error message was wrong. Ben “Parlay Patz” Patz was born in 1996 and began wagering on sporting events as soon as legally possible. Once he became eighteen, he joined an offshore sportsbook and started placing bets on games.

The Statistical Method: American Football Betting And Italian Soccer Pools 1, X,

Winning parlay cards payouts are much higher than separate straight bets. A parlay bet is an excellent way to get action on each game, especially if multiple matches are going on at the same time. Still, on the question of informative post betting football parlays and the right timing, you have to do your quick math before making your move quickly. For instance, if you want to multiply the value of parlays exponentially, you have to identify value in more than one selection. You would also want to combine those selections into a single wager.

How Do You Make Parlay Bets?

Los Angeles will play this contest with a win-loss mark of 9-5 for the season. This games report has current odds, betting trends, and free picks against the spread. Our parlay calculator will combine up to 12 games and calculate your payout based on your bet amount and the odds for each game. What makes the MLB unique is that there are so many games, which is good for bettors as this means there are more chances to win.

The Parlay Generator allows you to select what odds you want per selection and what winnings you want. BetMGM also has lots of parlay bonuses with odds boosts and plenty of other exciting promotions using parlays. What I mean by this is if you have a four-team parlay and the first three legs win, you can guarantee yourself money by hedging the other side of the last leg of your parlay. Since the Delaware parlay cards come out towards the beginning of each week, you can find some value by waiting to fill out a card until before kickoff on Saturday or Sunday . Every Sunday morning I compare the current NFL lines to the parlay card lines to see where the most value lies. Enter your email below to get it delivered straight to your inbox.


After the first day, the result was never in doubt, but that didn’t stop this bettor from trying to pick the exact outcomes of all 12 Sunday matches. The resulting 12-leg parlay will go down in history as one of the most impressive parlay picks ever. Out of the 12 Sunday matches, 6 favorites won, 4 underdogs won, and two ended in a tie.